April 23rd Poem by Doris

Todays prompt was to attempt a translation of a poem written in a language of which I am unfamiliar. The following verses were written by my Facebook friend Yet Klare. The language is Dutch.

My translation is on the right. Yet posted a photo of a bird on her blog site  (That clued me in somewhat…) 

vandaag een specht op het gras              (What is that sprawled on the grass?)
voor mn huis                                                   (what is it?)
hij was dood                                                     (Hello, are you dead?)
tegen t raam gevlogen denk ik                  (You are such a pretty bird
toen ik boodschappen deed                       (You have a bright red head)
in smithers                                                        (In Smithers)
nek gebroken                                                   (Is where I found the bird)

in z’n door de rigor mortis                          (The bird is stiff from the cold)
verstijfde pootjes hield ie                            (I held her in my hand)
nog lange grassprieten vast                        (She was in a large grassy field)
wat was ie aan t doen                                     (What was she doing there?)
toen ie tegen mn raam vloog                       (Why was she there?)
waar vloog ie heen                                           (So sick and cold)
misschien was ie wel een nest                     ( Someone took her from her nest)
aan het bouwen                                                 (Made her fall to the ground)
het is tenslotte bijna lente                            (Her poor babies)
ook al zou je dat vandaag                              (Their mother is gone)
niet zeggen                                                           (So sad)

Correct translation received from my friend Yet Klare:

today a woodpecker on the grass
in front of my house
it was dead
flew against the window I think
while I was shopping for groceries
in Smithers
broken neck
in his stiff little legs
caused by rigor mortis
he still held
long pieces of grass
what was he doing
when he flew against my window?
where did he fly to
maybe he was building
a nest
after all
it is almost spring
although one wouldn’t say that

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