April 20th Poem by Doris

Prompt for the day- “today I challenge you to write a poem in the voice of a member of your family.”

Hello there, my name is Isaac,

I’m five-years-old and I’m a prize act,

I love to shoot my plastic gun,

And with my brothers, we  have fun!


I pretend when I’m outside,

A lion comes and I can’t hide,

But with my plastic gun and knives,

They’re all I need to stay alive.


When Papa takes us camping out,

I love to catch a rainbow trout,

And when I grow as big as him,

I’ll shoot a moose right in the chin.


Although I’m strong and usually bold,

I am afraid  of folks who’re old,

The ones that live in tiny rooms,

Make me think of ghosts and ghouls.


But great-grand folk are not that scary,

I’m getting over being wary,

Although they’re old and talk quite funny,

They brought us each an Easter bunny!
































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