Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

April 14 Poem by Doris

I was listening to the radio

An interview with mayors

Of small Alberta cities

With no worries and no cares


“We’ve pipelines in our pastures

And pipelines  through our towns

Enbridge  is our Santa

Why’d Kitimat turn them down?”


“Those BC folks are newbies

About what pipelines bring

Jobs and warmth and comfort

And almost everything.”


One thing was not mentioned

The difference in terrains

The lush green prairie landscape

Is mostly rolling plains


Beyond majestic Rockies

Lies diverse geography

Mountain ranges, lakes,

Big rivers, flowing to the sea.


There’s avalanches, earthquakes

Floods and forest fires,

‘Long the route to Douglas Channel

Where the oil’s to be expired.


Colossal shipping vessels

Navigating through the Sound

All that could be the reasons

Kitimat turned ’em down.























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