Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC


It’s extremely depressing to presume that our ultimate destiny as human beings is to always be involved in a war at one place or another on the planet. Like animals I guess we are territorial by nature and “the survival of the fittest” has been our basic rule for survival.  But now  we have reached the stage where greed has taken over and we feel we are entitled to possess more and more of almost everything we have a yen for. Who cares about the sick, the impoverished, and the homeless.
Well yesterday, three things occurred in my tiny community that reinforced my belief that we are definitely progressing toward  getting along with one another. A friend who collects sewing machines informed me that my old one was one she’d donated to be sent to Sir Lanka to benefit working women over there; another friend I encountered was walking a German Shepherd dog rescued from a bad situation in a puppy mill. The third occurrence this afternoon was at an author talk & slide show by a retired wildlife veterinarian & wife who’d set up a fund-raiser – on their own –  to assist folks in communities where they’d lived and worked in Africa.
Possibly it was the phases of the moon or something, but I observed all these laudable occurrences during the course of one day!

Comments on: "Will There Always Be War And Rumors Of War?" (2)

  1. Warms the heart, does it not?

  2. I downloaded about 40 episodes of ‘ the Current’ from CBC radio and have been listening to them while walking dogs. I am so amazed how girls and women are doing such amazing and courageous things to further the cause of women’s and girl’s rights in parts of the world like Senegal, Afghanistan etc. It is mind blowing to think of men realizing that they are causing health problems that they later have to pay for with ‘female circumcision’ and girls insisting on talking to Muslim clergy about their need for education. It makes me so proud to be of the female gender.

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