Dr Franzi Ng of Prince George is an amazing woman schooled in an amazing technique for relieving health issues of all kinds. I’d had an introduction to Thought Field Therapy several years earlier when Franzi arrived in Fraser Lake  to facilitate a workshop on how to to reduce the effects of stress.  Learning the sequences of finger-tapping on specific nerve endings, combined with eyeball-rolling and chanting was interesting and fun – especially in the group setting. Over the years, I’d tried the technique several times on myself  during anxiety-producing situations and it had seemed to do the trick.

But the ever-sceptical side of my nature questioned whether the therapy was simply”mind-over-matter.” And of course that could be true… But the other day at a gathering of mutual friends I learned that Franzi was also able to relieve  physical symptoms that had nothing whatever to do with stress.

I’d been having aches and pains all week since clambering through the bushes in a frustrating quest for the elusive huckleberry. But on Saturday morning I was up early to catch my ride. I had my cache of Advil on hand, along with antihistamines for a burgeoning sinus condition. I was looking forward to meeting with friends I’d not seen for a long time. But soon after arriving at our destination I was wishing I had stayed home.

Despite the interesting exchange of dialogue in the room, I found myself becoming sicker and sicker. Waves of pain and nausea, combined with periodic bouts of almost-overwhelming fatigue, caused me extreme discomfort.  At lunch time I mentioned something to Franzi about her TFT Workshop in Fraser Lake. I also admitted  that I was not feeling well.

Franzi asked if I would like to participate in a few TFT techniques that might relieve my symptoms. She touched my foot with her shoe and began the session. We went through the sequences several times.  Following each sequence Franzi would  query as to the intensity of sinus pain and nausea.  The symptoms remained but they lessened to the point where I surmised they were only about a “two out of ten” – which was quite bearable. I even considered having lunch. She suggested the vegetable soup.

In a very few minutes I was symptom-free. I felt fine for the entire afternoon. Thank you, Franzi!

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