I’ve been following the Occupy movement that set itself up in  groups of  shiny blue plastic domes in parts of Vancouver this past while. What began as an admirable protest against the enormous financial gap existing between the privileged and underprivileged in society, has deteriorated into a 1960’s  mish-mash of idealism, delusion and drugs. The movement has lost most of its  support in the public eye. The few benefactors are the enterprising homeless who scurried from their usual hidey-holes to squat in one of those unoccupied rain-proof tents for the night. The homeless will miss the comfort that comes from having a relatively decent night’s sleep under a plastic dome.

When did the word “homeless” become just another noun in our vocabulary?

I wonder if any of the Occupiers paid attention  to the irony – that those who identify themselves as being “underprivileged” (in comparison to the rich) must appear to be extremely privileged to those who dwell in doorways and under bridges?

I don’t believe the word “Occupy” was the best label for what started out as a laudable cause. (Labels are so important – like book titles.) Someone recently pasted on Facebook that what was further needed was “a revolution”   I don’t believe that’s the way to go either.

My sense is that the change needs to begin at the top. Those at very top of the human food chain have acquired more assets and have more control than they can possibly deplete in one life-time – or in their descendents’  lifetime- or on and on into future family generations.

Once in a while one of  our “over-privileged” -Warren Buffet is one of them – has voiced that he  would be perfectly happy to pay more taxes. Way to go Warrren- get together with other mult-millionaires and mulit-billionaires and advocate to help lessen the gap!

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