Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

The Law of Opposites?

Why do we assume that  everything in the world of nature and in the human world  are in opposition to one another? Possibly it originates from the scientific theory  “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?”

But that theory only refers to a force that’s expending energy- something in motion. It has nothing to do with abstract terms such as “dark” versus “light” or “war” versus “peace.”

When you remove the need to polarize everything, it becomes obvious that war is simply the absence of peace; hate is the absence of love; sickness is the absence of health and darkness is the absence of light.

I believe the “law of opposites” should be  abolished. The only thing that’s constant in this world – and possibly the next? – is “the law of changes”

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