I’m Smarter Than I Thought

I sometimes wonder if I’m all there…We had stopped in McBride on the way home from Alberta, to spend the afternoon and evening resting at a motel. During the trip, we’d stopped at several motels and I’d become fairly organized – or so I thought. This time we brought in a small suitcase stocked with pills, nightime necessities, clean underwear and socks. We were leaving at the crack of dawn and there was no need to bring much else into the room.

There was a plastic bag containing a change of wardrobe and my husband’s knee brace (it was me who was in need of  the brace- for my wimpy left arm. Knees are similar to elbows, only larger. This one was adjustable and provided support when I was at the wheel)

Motel pillows are huge and there’s not much give to them. I always end up with a stiff neck. I brought in our home pillows from the car.

Later I strolled over to the tiny electronic’s shop that I’d visited the previous time we’d stopped in Mcbride. I’d purchased a Walkman radio and headset. This time I picked up a radio- cassette player for the kitchen. I was pleased with my new toys.

The day after we arrived home, I did the laundry. It was when I was at the folding stage that I noticed the absence of several pieces of clothing. There were no stray items in the washer or dryer and I was left with a mystery on my hands: Where were my new shorts and favourite summer top? They were not in the car. My husband’s knee brace was also missing. I hadn’t worn it on the last lap home. At least I didn’t think so… husband confirmed that I hadn’t….they must have been left at the motel.

Yikes, where did I put that phone number??

What was left of my brain suddenly lurched into gear – first into bull low and then into drive. A fuzzy memory of our exit the previous morn appeared on the pitted windshield of my mind. It had been chilly that morning; not warm enough for summer apparell; I had donned the same clothing I’d worn the day before.

The bag with the change of clothing was where I’d stored my Mcbride purchases. But where had I put the clothes that were in it previously?  Oh…right… I’d  had the brilliant inspiration to stuff them into a pillow case with one of the pillows.

I rushed into the bedroom to examine our pillows. The clothing, knee brace and a few other missing items were pressed flat on the underside of my husband’s favourite pillow. He’d slept quite well – he told me – never even noticed the lumpiness.

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