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‎I’m puzzled how men such as Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden (Charles Manson too..) have an inate ability to impress others – sometimes many, many others – supposedly sane people – to fall in with and support their perverted grandiose aspirations… ?

So now they’ve finaly found and killed “the most wanted man on earth…” At least they’re not showing photos of Bin Laden’s corpse on the evening news. I’m still reeling from the Saddam Husein fiasco where we got to see him yanked from his hidey hole; and then for extra added entertainment (for those who watched) viewed  the actual hanging process. I remember thinking, “why don’t they scalp him while they’re at it!”

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  1. i’m sorry but the real war criminal that you failed to mention is barack obama and the bush administration. many people who watch mainstream news are made to believe that osama bin laden and saddam hussein are the enemies but what about the men throwing bombs on the innocent people of those countries? those bombs emit depleted uranium radiation for thousands of years. people are dying of cancer in iraq…they have a 50% rate of cancer in iraq. these u.s. wars are to “get rid of the terrorists”…yeah, right. they are to get u.s.’s hands on the oil! so a more likely comparison would be to compare hitler to barack obama and george bush…for atrocities against humanity…even if it is on the other side of the world. thanks, june.

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