Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

I had no idea that other people – in other countries- are also put off by the blatant promoting (and trashing) of individual party leaders during democratic elections. There needs to be a change -worldwide, I guess. It is too easy for the powers-that-be to manipulate citizens into voting – or not voting – for a particular party. If voters would  concern themselves with the attributes of their local candidates and forget party politics, that might be a start…. My friend P who resides in Scotland pointed out that it’s not only Canadians who are less than impressed with their countries electorial squirmishes, which focus  on “…. promoting individuals, and which political party is better than the other based on opposition . Instead of being servants of the people and working  with constuctive ideas from whatever group… or citizens”

Not much positive about last night’s televised debate. It was similar to Question Period (which I try to avoid watching) All I got out of it was what I already knew- Harper is Conservative; Ignatious is Liberal and Layton is NDP…. My friend E posted the following on our social network site ” [It] kinda reminded me of unreality TV. 4 grown men standing around in suits, not looking at one another, but waving their arms and using a lot of words. I sort of felt like the words were on a jumbo-tron (sp) and they each had a chance to spin …their wheels. I dont know, its so hard to listen to a debate/ I would rather they had a conversation. Debates are all about posturing and the loudest voice. Despite accusations no one appologized and no one slammed the door and no one pitched a fit. It all seems so contrived. They were like fish swimming in a fish bowl.”

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