The TV News

So frightening and depressing to watch the news on TV … (Not referring to what’s happening in Japan but the other ongoing stories about man’s inhumanity to his fellow man) 

If only the bad stuff was shown in context with all the good things that are undoubtedly happening in the world. The most memorable newscast series for me were ones that ended happily. Years ago a small child fell into an abandoned well. The entire community pitched in attempting to rescue her and the story was broadcast world wide on TV. The rescue took days and occured in a rural area somewhere in the United States.  It was referred to as the “Baby Jessica” story. Think Baby Jessica must be in her twenties by now?

Another story closer to home with images that have stayed with me for  years occurred along Hwy 16 – south of Quesnel British Columbia. I believe the young man’s name was “Sweet” and he drove a bright red car. He was from the BC Lower Mainland and had been reported “missing” for days by his distraught parents. How exciting it was to learn that the car had  finally spotted amongst the trees along the the roadway and – wonder of wonders – the young man was still alive. Think he was injured but well on the way to recovery by the time local newscasters ceased contrentrating on the story.

And then there was the Chilean miners who were trapped underground for – was it weeks? Such a wonderful story illustrating what amazing things can be achieved when people all over the world work together and we end up viewing a good news story!

One response to “The TV News”

  1. We have become much more cynical, I think, as so many of these heartwarming stories, like ‘the Balloon Boy’, turn out to have been fakes by attention-hungry people.

    Reality TV seems to pander to that need too… but I agree, stories like the Chilean miners make wading through all the depressing and chilling stories worthwhile.

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