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There are plenty of atheists and agnostics (I used to be one) out there. The ones I know are lovely people  although they are doubters. As with everyone else, some are happy and some are not

Here is my take on the subject:  If there was no God, to whom or to what could we attribute the existence of all created things? And to whom, or to what, could we acknowledge the intricate balancing  processes that constantly cut in throughout the life of every living and non-living thing?

When you believe you have a soul, death is part of the process when your time arrives.

When it comes to the big picture, even some scientists and other smart people agree that changes are occurring  because of earthly and cosmic healing processes that are in progress.

Perhaps we are a part of the process as we are handy with our hands, our voices and in some cases our intellect. People are beginning to step up to assist other vulnerable humans, neglected and abused animals and causes such as the envirnment. Whether or not these people are religious, they seem compelled to do so.

I am old enough to remember when we didn’t care that much. So who’s in charge of this new attitude?  If not God, who else?

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