Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

Sense and Nonsense 1974

In the spring of 1974 I was aware of two things: I was too pregnant to continue working at my job as janitor at Lejac School and I absolutely sucked at knitting and crocheting to fill in time at home.

So, I composed a batch of Sense and Nonsense writings and mailed them off to The Nechako Chronicle newspaper in Vanderhoof.

The editor, Mr Glenn Clark, (not THAT Glenn Clark) offered me 3 cents a column inch for my weekly blatherings and I was ecstatic. Some months I received a cheque for as much as  20 dollars.

Column #1 Sense and Nonsense

I read somewhere that the human brain works best when the body is in a vertical position. I suppose it is something to do with the blood supply to the brain. If this is true then the blood flows best when it is flowing uphill. I am sure this is contrary to one of Newton’s laws of gravitation…but then people are contrary anyway….

…..I understand one of the local businesses (formerly employing men only) have been practising discrimination. A large photo of an undresssed lady is part of the decor in one of the lunchrooms. The women employees tacked up a photo of Burt Reynolds (suitably undressed) on another wall. This picture was torn down by the authorities. Someone was saying the ladies have since circulated a petition demanding equal rights. If this is successful, it could be a great step forward for womens’ lib and may go down in history as such.

The sun is shining beautifully this morning and you can almost see the leaves popping out and the grass growing. This year I am determined to grow some flowers. Every year I try and every year I fail miserably. The only flower I have ever grown successfully is the nasturtium and I even failed them one year. It rained all summer and all I got was a lovely crop of leaves.

This year I have started petunia, portulaca, zinnia and nastutium. My sister-in-law says these flowers will grow in Brooks, Alta., and therefore will grow anywhere.

Being in a maternal state I spent a large part of Saturday searching for maternity smocks unsuccessfully. I even went to a rummage sale in Vanderhoof with no luck. When we got back home my teenage daughter filled me in. I had been looking at the wrong racks. The teenage racks were full of cute smock tops which are the “in” thing. Now I don’t look pregnant, I just look “in”. (Who am I trying to kid!)

The birds outside are chirping like crazy. I used to believe that a robin sang because he was happy. I’d listen to them for hours enjoying thier optimistic state of mind. I have since found out that the reason a robin sings is because he is establishing his territory. His song is a challenge to all other male robins and woe unto any of them who disregards this vocal “no trespassing” sign. So much for another childhood illusion.






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