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Should Religion Enter The Bedrooms Of Our Nation?

The other day I listened to a very articulate member of the Sikh Religious Faith make the statement on TV that “religion should not enter the bedroom” – in reference to the attitude a number of religious faiths have toward homosexuality. As a Sikh he explained that he had no problem with the concept of a civil gay marriage.

Therein lies the conundrum: if a marriage ceremony is performed legally by a representative of  the government, is it in any way an attack on anyone else’s religious belief  system?  My religious faith does not support the concept of homosexuality. But I’ve never been attracted to another woman so that’s not an issue for me. But if one of my gay friends or relatives announced that they wished to tie the knot, I would  have no problem with that at all. The ceremony is legal in Canada- and the rest is none of my business.

Another biggie which has recently landed Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in trouble is his statement that Liberal caucus members must vote “Pro Choice” when it comes to the legalization of  abortion. For many people “pro-choice” means “pro-abortion”. I don’t think Mr. Trudeau meant exactly that when he blurted out his unpopular decree.

Killing an unborn child is a concept that I hope no  Canadian political party ever adheres to. But until the baby is born he or she is firmly attached to the mother. And the mother is the only person who can and should decide on what happens to her embryo.

If the mother is intent on ending her pregnancy and no doctor is authorized to help her do that, she will likely seek help from a non-professional  to end her pregnancy. And possibly end her own life during the  unskilled and perhaps unsanitary process.

I honestly don’t believe any woman really wants to have an abortion. Not the first time anyway. But if she is desperate,  I think it can become a way of life for some during future unwanted pregnancies.

There needs to be help for mothers-to-be  who are in desperate situations- not nonchalance and too often scorn.






We are all ugly (except when we’re not)

Lately I’ve been hearing remarks such as: we  as human beings are the ugliest species on the planet. By “ugly” I think they mean selfish and uncaring for others.

I believe all human beings were given a huge helping of the “selfish” gene in order to survive.  My father-in-law used to philosophize that “Survival” followed by “The procreation of species” were dominant traits in the human psyche. These traits are embedded in our nature and are sometimes referred to as our Lower Self.

Our Higher Self is also embedded in our psyche  – revealing itself earlier in the lives of some, than in others. (I’ve seen babies express concern about the comfort of other babies.)  The potential for becoming a greater human being lies within the Higher Self.  If  the Higher Self isn’t warped in some way,shape, or form, it will grow straight and tall and  become a thing of beauty.

Someone once posted a picture on Facebook with a First Nation’s Chief speaking about  “The Two Wolves” fighting  inside each and every one of us. When asked which wolf wins, the chief  replied: “The one that you feed”

I’ve always liked that story!

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