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Will There Always Be War And Rumors Of War?


It’s extremely depressing to presume that our ultimate destiny as human beings is to always be involved in a war at one place or another on the planet. Like animals I guess we are territorial by nature and “the survival of the fittest” has been our basic rule for survival.  But now  we have reached the stage where greed has taken over and we feel we are entitled to possess more and more of almost everything we have a yen for. Who cares about the sick, the impoverished, and the homeless.
Well yesterday, three things occurred in my tiny community that reinforced my belief that we are definitely progressing toward  getting along with one another. A friend who collects sewing machines informed me that my old one was one she’d donated to be sent to Sir Lanka to benefit working women over there; another friend I encountered was walking a German Shepherd dog rescued from a bad situation in a puppy mill. The third occurrence this afternoon was at an author talk & slide show by a retired wildlife veterinarian & wife who’d set up a fund-raiser – on their own –  to assist folks in communities where they’d lived and worked in Africa.
Possibly it was the phases of the moon or something, but I observed all these laudable occurrences during the course of one day!

By Rail or Pipeline?

Some of us were having a  discussion on Facebook about the best way to transport oil from the Alberta oilfields to China.

On Saturday October 19th a CNR train with a cargo of crude oil and tanks of liquefied petroleum gas derailed 80 kms west of Edmonton. The ensuing explosion and fires caused the evacuation of a nearby community and the closure of Highway 16.  The situation at the scene remains volatile and residents are still not allowed back into their homes. There have been a number of rail accidents lately, including the horrific one in Northern Quebec a few months ago, with loss of life and the devastation of a small city .

Now that the safety of transporting hazardous products by rail is being questioned, some of us are reconsidering  any opposition we  may have had about the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project.   Guess we are  thinking that it may be the lesser of the two evils.

Still the main conundrum lodged deep in my mind is that the pipeline would be going through the roughest, mountainous, earthquake-prone part of our province to the town of Kitimat.  From  there the oil would  be shipped by ongoing tanker traffic along Douglas Channel, over and across the Pacific Ocean to a huge developing country where our raw materials regularly get chewed up and shipped back here to be sold cheaply in packages disguised to look as if they were put together by Canadians. (How’s that for a long sentence)

If Prime Minister Harper ever asks my opinion, I will say I am not in favor of shipping oil to China at all!


Dear Omenica Lakes Mental Health & Addictions Advisory Committee members, family, friends and everyone concerned about mental health issues.

Our Committee has rented the Beacon Theater in Burns Lake on Thursday October 10th from 1 – 2:30 pm to screen a very important film featuring people around the world with mental health issues. The website for “Hidden Pictures” is at :
I am hoping we get enough people to attend this highly acclaimed film- and not just folks who happen to live in the Burns Lake area.  I am so very concerned about those many people who suffer from severe and persistent disorders such as schizophrenia, bi-polar, and clinical depression. And it’s not just the people with the illnesses who suffer but family members, friends and sometimes whole neighborhoods. There’s just too many horrific incidents occurring on the daily news lately. Just yesterday a woman with a one-year-old baby in her car attempted to ram the entrance to the White House in Washington DC. As armed police and militia swarmed around assuming it was a terrorist attach, she drove off at high speed to where she was eventually shot to death at the wheel of her car.Amazingly the baby was still alive and rescued. 
The TV news report ended with the statement that the woman suffered from “mental health” problems. No surprise there . As more war and other “real life” violence is featured on the news, so do the hallucinations and frightening delusions symptomatic of mental illness in some sufferers [just a few] also accelerate. [That’s my story anyway- not necessarily true.] 
I do know that the mentally ill perpetrator often  turns out NOT to be an “raging avenger” as such; his delusions may have sprung from a perceived sense of overwhelming fear- or possibly a fantasy about saving the world from evil – that sort of thing. My son once told me there’s no way one can make sense of a mind that’s in a state of psychosis.
Anyway PLEASE attend this movie. Our Committee has been focusing mostly on assisting those with addiction problems- which is good because that’s a big big problem here in small town Northern BC. And many of us can relate to people with addiction issues. But mental health issues are more invisible as too many people suffer in silence – in isolation,- too often undiagnosed, untreated, sometimes living with family members and friends in quiet despair. That is unfair. Everyone deserves a chance for a half decent quality of life. Sorry for being so long-winded. I get that way once in awhile. Sincerely Doris  

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