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Re article in PG Citizen on making “Marijuana Butter” to relieve pain


Ever since my son was diagnosed back in 1986, I’ve been concerned about  the possible connection between pot smoking and schizophrenia. That perception has recently been backed up by scientific studies. Apparently one in five of us has a gene that renders us  unable to process  the chemicals in marijuana effectively. This can lead to short term- and in some cases chronic -psychosis.

But I do understand that marijuana use can relieve pain and other debilitating symptoms of physical illnesses. And therein lies the conundrum.

Your front page article was an eye opener – in that the “recipe” for making marijuana butter for ingesting the drug orally makes sense. At the very least, it relieves concerns about the effects of exhaled smoke on innocent bystanders. I’ve often wondered about the effects second hand marijuana smoke can have on small children. It is worrisome because there are children being diagnosed with major depression at a younger and younger age. And I’ve heard of at least one pot party where the 2nd hand smoke caused a small dog to become psychotic. The symptoms were chronic and the family pet had to be put down.

I’m thinking if they’re gonna legalize the stuff, why not ingest it rather than smoke it? Your article suggests that the pain relieving ingredient in marijuana is effective -whether baked or smoked?

Okay I know it’s going to happen anyway! Governments are looking for more opportunities for tax money. Go ahead and legalize it (for ingesting only) and sell it in bakeries, drug stores and perhaps even liquor stores. But PLEASE put warning labels on the packaging : i.e. “THIS STUFF CAN LEAD TO MENTAL ILLNES” and “DANGER- KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND SMALL ANIMALS!”


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