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“Ruger’s Rule”

My perspective on the life of the individual is pretty basic. I don’t know any of the questions so cannot comprehend any of the answers.

My knowledge of God is similar to that of an ant attempting to describe an elephant. There is no way I can do so – but I cannot argue the existence of something that huge. The reason I adhere to my Faith is that I believe there is no other solution to easing the turmoil that exists between warring elements in our human society. In my optimistic state of mind I think most of our differences are becoming obvious and therefore are soluble. We are only at the adolescent stage of our civilized development. There is hope for the world!

As individuals we need to occupy and fully own ourselves… But we also need to reevaluate ourselves from time to time as we travel life’s journey. I have a cassette tape of the astrological reading that my daughter did for me in 2001. When I listen to it I still find it to be amazingly “right on!” Only thing is it was more “right on” for that time of my life than it is now. I’ve changed since then. Not necessarily for the better or for the worse – just changed because of life’s circumstances. I call it “Ruger’s Rule.”

As our dog, Ruger, became older and more infirm her personality and interests changed. She was no longer the top dog in the neighborhood. At first it  was a shock to her when other dogs challenged her authority.  And she appeared ashamed of her obvious  timidity when other dogs approached. But after awhile she no longer cared.

I’m the same way. Lately I have been cutting back on a few responsibilities because I no longer care as much as I used to.  After I’m gone, others will take up the slack in what I have  been devoting so much of my time and energy to.

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