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The Tragic Life of Amanda Todd

I’m wondering whether the Peer Counselling program is still available in the schools? What a great concept that was! I believe it’s time the program was renewed, with peer counselors trained in how to handle the effects of bullying, as well as understand the symptoms and needs associated with mental disorders and chemical addiction. No one knows as much about kid’s problems as other kids do. Bullying has always been around and I think always will be around. The damage occurs when the mob mentality sets in. A peer counselor should become  aware of what’s happening in schools, as well as other places such as social media.  He or she needs to be open; to let peers realize  help, kindness and acceptance is available.


I was just thinking that what the world needs now is more ‘respect’ for the other guys and gals. I remember years ago a big argument that went on for weeks in the local paper about whether hunters should shoot ducks on the lake. It was legal to do so at the time but the bullets were landing onshore & homeowners were piqued. Finally, a fellow wrote in and said legal or not, hunters should show some “respect” – that was the end of the controversy!

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