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The Lusty Month of May

‘Twas in the lusty month of May

When green buds they were swelling

We sowed some seeds in a garden box

Outside of where we’re dwelling

We planted turnips, onions, peas,

Some carrots, cabbage, greenery,

And flowers with their colours bold

To brighten up the scenery

Imagine our surprise when on

The birth day of the queen

We found amongst the seeded rows

New species in between

Hybrids flourishing like weeds

And veggies, flowers mating

Sweet pea and onions were entwined

In casual copulation

A patch of turnip-marigolds

And infant bean-azalea

Disturbed the earth when they thrust up

In energetic flurry

But since the lusty month has passed

Our plants have all been sorted

The compost pile has grown somewhat

With seedlings we’ve aborted

Atrocities – Intentional or Unintentional?

I’d like to quote an old Readers Digest one-liner:  A fellow was in the market for some socks and had inquired what the label “shrink-resistant” meant.

“It means the socks will shrink – but they don’t want to,” the clerk explained.

In my mind that’s the difference between atrocities committed by psychopaths such as Osama bin Laden and his ilk; and atrocities committed by governments and the military.

Bin Laden wanted the socks to shrink.

I remember watching the flashing lights, glitter and glitz on TV as bombs exploded in living colour during the First Gulf War. I marvelled that it was like a Nintendo Game, and wasn’t it great that technology was so advanced that targets were being hit with such accuracy? Of course that wasn’t so – as we learned later. I wonder how many in the military ended up with psychological problems upon learning that innocent civilians had been wounded or  killed because of their actions?

Also wonder about the consciences – or lack of conscience -of those who gave the orders?

One of the most memorable episodes of the Oprah show featured a woman who had, as a child during the Korean War, been badly burned with napalm. It was used extensively during that war ( I think to burn away trees and underbrush?)  Many years later Oprah introduced the woman to the pilot of the plane that had deployed the chemical over her village. The woman had suffered terribly, and the pilot had been distressed for years after seeing a photo of the little girl running naked through the street in obvious anguish.


‎I’m puzzled how men such as Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden (Charles Manson too..) have an inate ability to impress others – sometimes many, many others – supposedly sane people – to fall in with and support their perverted grandiose aspirations… ?

So now they’ve finaly found and killed “the most wanted man on earth…” At least they’re not showing photos of Bin Laden’s corpse on the evening news. I’m still reeling from the Saddam Husein fiasco where we got to see him yanked from his hidey hole; and then for extra added entertainment (for those who watched) viewed  the actual hanging process. I remember thinking, “why don’t they scalp him while they’re at it!”

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